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Passion Cleaning Services understand that having a well-run, clean restaurant is important, not only when setting customer expectations, but also when fulfilling health and safety obligations. From restaurants to casinos to hotels, we are experienced in meeting the in-depth, round-the-clock cleaning demands of  this industry.


Restaurant inspections are carried out by local council staff (generally environmental health officers), and a report is completed for each visit detailing the food outlet’s hygiene stand

ards –– both good and bad. The frequency of inspections can vary from council to council and state to state and can be up to the discretion of the inspecting officer, but will generally depend on the risk the food business poses and its history of compliance with food and site standards. Some businesses may be inspected every 18 months, others every six months, for example. A "Food Premises Inspection Checklist" prepared by the City of Sydney Council Health Unit has been provided here as a tool to assist in making sure your restaurant is compliant. Passion Cleaning Services will ensure that your establishment is always clean, hygienic and ready for those surprise inspections.


If a business fails to comply with food safety requirements under the Food Standards Code or relevant Act, inspectors have a number of compliance and enforcement options available to them, which can vary from state to state. These include written warnings, improvement notices or –– for more serious breaches –– on-the-spot fines (penalty or infringement notices, as they’re known in some states) right through to prosecution. Invite Passion Cleaning Services to discuss the specific cleaning needs of your establishment. The small investment in a quality cleaning service will ensure your restaurant avoids financial penalties, embarrassment, and loss of business.


The NSW government's Notifications of convictions website gives details of businesses that have been convicted of an offence under the Food Act. Prosecutions are public and convictions are routinely reported in local papers, so the NSW website really only pulls together information that’s already available. Over 1000 penalty notices are issued in NSW each year, and customers often find out about it and spread the word. NSW is currently reviewing a proposal to take its website a step further and ‘name and shame’ those businesses that are issued penalty notices.


Your clients are your business and your restaurant is your showroom. Allow Passion Cleaning Services to provide you with a service that will:


- give your customers an exceptional first impression
- ensure the clean and fresh setting adds value to your customer experience
- minimise the risk of failing an inspection
- offer you a flexible and proactive approach that achieves the right level of cleanliness and hygiene without being a burden to your daily business operation
- take away all the headaches of having to maintain cleaning standards demanded by your industry


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